A clear strategy

Our sole objective is to optimise the long term value of our portfolio for our shareholders. This will be achieved via a progressive return of cash as the portfolio businesses are sold by the investment manager, Arle Capital Partners.

A well positioned portfolio

Our investment portfolio currently comprises 4 companies operating in the energy, industrials and services sectors. All occupy market leading positions. Some operate in niche markets with strong growth potential, others are viewed as innovators within their sector, while others have powerful brands capable of internationalisation.

Portfolio: Overview
A focused investment manager

These investments are actively managed on our behalf by Arle. Like us, Arle is focused on maximising and realising value. Selling a portfolio company at the right time and for the right price is a core component of Arle’s active ownership strategy.

A long term objective

We believe that there is significant unrealised value in the portfolio. Our objective is to realise that value and progressively return cash as exits are achieved by Arle. This will not be done on a piecemeal basis, however. When Candover is in a net cash position careful consideration will be given to the best mechanisms to return cash to shareholders, taking into account tax efficiency and the costs involved.

Partnering with Arle




Preliminary announcement 2016

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