How do I invest in Candover shares?

You should speak to a financial adviser or stockbroker

Are Candover’s shares ISAable?

No. The directors consider that a decision to ensure Candover remains eligible for inclusion in an ISA would impose constraints on Candover that would not be in the overall interest of shareholders.

What should I do if I have changed address/lost my share certificate?

Please contact Capita Registrars. Capita Registrars details are listed in shareholder information.

Do I qualify for capital gains tax relief if I invest in Candover?

Candover is not a Venture Capital Trust (VCT), therefore investors in Candover do not qualify for capital gains tax relief.

When will Candover release its results this year and hold its AGM?

Please see the financial calendar.

How do I get a copy of Candover’s annual report?

Please see financial results and presentations for details of the annual and interim reports available to view online or to download. To obtain a printed version, please call the company secretariat whose details are listed in investor contacts.

How often are the net assets valued?

The portfolio is valued twice a year, in December (for the 12 month period) and June (for the six month period).

Does Candover pay dividends?

Candover has the ability to pay dividends but the Board has decided not to make a dividend payment for the year to 31st December 2016. The payment of dividends in the future will be reviewed in the context of our focus on delivering a progressive return of cash to shareholders over time as realisations are achieved by the investment manager.

When does Candover expect to start returning cash to shareholders?

The Board has decided that it is prudent that no money should be returned to shareholders until the Company is in a net cash position. In early 2017, following two further portfolio investment realisations, the company moved into a modest net cash position for the first time since 2007. At the end of the first quarter the Board concluded that paying down the debt facilities in full was appropriate before further realisations generated sufficient surplus cash balances to undertake a cost efficient, meaningful return of cash to shareholders. The one exception may be dividends that we need to pay in order to meet our Investment Trust obligations.


Interim Financial Statement 2017

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