We interpret corporate responsibility as taking due regard of society’s expectations of how we manage our business, as well as making sure that non-financial issues do not impact negatively on Candover’s reputation to the detriment of our shareholders.

We take care to comply with all relevant legislation and to ensure that we are a reasonable and fair employer. We maintain positive relationships with all of our business partners, our shareholders and our investment manager, Arle.

The direct environmental and social impact of Candover is relatively low. Our principal impacts in these areas, and the consequent risks and opportunities, arise in our portfolio companies which operate in a diverse range of sectors and countries.

We do not manage these businesses directly and our status as a co-investor alongside the funds managed by Arle limits our influence further. However we have an open and transparent dialogue with Arle and expect them to consider the social and environmental impacts of how each portfolio company operates.




Preliminary announcement 2016

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